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Today and Tomorrow PHP is a product of the imagination of Gregg and Betsy Burleson the current owners of North Carolina Outreach Group Homes, a service provider for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

At its roots T&T PHP began when a therapist was brought in to help the individuals served by NCOGH. The owners felt it was necessary that the individuals served had access to someone with the training and compassion necessary to truly meet the needs of those in crisis without judgement or dismissal. Mental instability can lead to overwhelming suffering, and the individuals of NCOGH deserved a higher quality of life than that.

Seeing how much of a positive impact having access to quality mental health care had on the individuals of NCOGH, Gregg and Betsy were inspired to extend services to the wider community, Today and Tomorrow PHP was founded on this thought. There is a lack of consistent, quick access to mental health resources in Western North Carolina, and it is a goal of T&T PHP to close this gap. The people of WNC who are suffering from addiction, and other mental illnesses deserve to be heard, they deserve to have their needs met. That is the intention of T&T PHP, to help the people of this community Today, and Tomorrow, and the next day on. We are grateful to have been granted the opportunity to serve our community.


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